Asset Retirement Studies

Have you removed or replaced any structural components of your building, such as a roof, HVAC equipment, doors, or windows, etc.?

If you have made changes to the structural components of your building, an Asset Retirement Study can determine if you qualify for additional tax deductions. 

Write-Offs With Asset Retirement Studies

You can deduct all the ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in the current taxable year while carrying on your trade or business. These expenses include components in your commercial property that have been removed or replaced. 

How Do You Determine the Cost of the Disposed Asset?

That’s where we come in. At M&E Cost Segregation, we determine specific asset costs daily. Our primary task as an Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Provider is to identify specific asset costs. 

We assign costs to every building component, including roofs and HVAC systems and their respective parts. With an Asset Retirement Study, we apply these engineering and costing methodologies to one or several significant assets.

Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation asset evaluation that will estimate savings and our flat fee to conduct the study. All we need is the most recent tax depreciation schedule for the property and the details on what is being retired. Then you can decide whether you would like to proceed with the actual Asset Retirement study.

As with all our studies, In the event of an IRS audit, or if any questions are raised, we will defend our studies at no additional cost.