M&E Cost Segregation for maximum tax benefit,
ROI/cash flow, and maximum support.
The Difference is The DETAIL!

Are you ready to realize TAX SAVINGS on your property investments?

Engineering Based Cost Segregation is a GAME CHANGER!

Cost Segregation

M&E Cost Segregation Services will accelerate the depreciation of your building by identifying items that should be properly classified as Tangible Personal Property or Land Improvements, rather than Real Property that is depreciated over 39 years (or 27.5 for Residential Rental).

  • Properties Purchased or Constructed in 2018 qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation.
  • All assets assigned to Tangible Personal Property or Land Improvements qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation.
  • Allowing for the Total Cost Segregation Tax Benefit to be realized in Year 1.

We go the extra mile for our clients by providing detail for both the short life AND long life building components. This provides two benefits. One, it allows for the reconciliation of all project costs, as required by the IRS. Two, it allows our clients the ability to track and retire short and long life building components that are removed or replaced.

  • Your tax benefits will begin in the first tax year and continue throughout the depreciable life of the identified assets.

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LifeTime Benefit

As long as you own your Property, a M&E Cost Segregation Study will continue to provide Tax Benefits each and every time a building component is Replaced or Taken Out of Service.

This can mean Tens of Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands, or more in additional Tax Benefits depending on the property.

Example: Client replaced 5 of 10 rooftop HVAC units on an Office building. The M&E Engineering Based Cost Seg Study shows at the time of purchase the units were valued at $289,643. The depreciable basis at the time of replacement (7 years later) was 241,055.

The Cash Benefit of the Write-Off was $101,234.

Asset Disposition Assistance:
We will provide Asset Disposition Assistance for all assets contained within our final report, at no charge, as long as you own the building.

Whenever necessary, our engineers will help identify the assets that have been removed from service, allowing the write-off of the remaining depreciation of those assets at the time of disposition.

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We specialize in working with the Top CPA’s and Tax Firms to provide the Best Engineering Based Cost Segregation Studies in the Industry.

We enhance your role as the client’s tax advisor. Helping to build lifetime relationships.

Our experts will produce a report that will stand on its own.

  • The IRS states that the engineering approach we use is “the most methodical and accurate”.
  • Our industry leading reports will provide you and your clients with thorough documentation supporting the asset classifications; including quantity take-offs, unit costing and photographs.
  • Should it become necessary, we will provide our services and defend our findings at no additional charge.

Our experienced cost segregation specialists have been involved in almost every conceivable property type across the U.S.

   Not all cost segregation studies are created equal.    Purchases & New Construction Qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation in 2019.   Expanding Nationally – Searching for Qualified Business Development Representatives

Cost Segregation Project of the Month

This 2020 purchase of a 6,700+ square feet gross floor area 2 Tenant Retail building is situated on a 0.65+ acre site.

Based on a Building Basis of $2,510,463 the Benefit is:

Tax Year Additional Depreciation* Cash Benefit**
2020 $573,031 $240,673
Total Benefit $573,031 $240,673

*Additional Depreciation is the depreciation over and above Straight Line SL Depreciation.
**Cash Benefit is based upon a 42% Blended Federal & State Tax Rate.

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