Cost Segregation could have you realize immediate Tax Savings of 10-50 times your money from your property investments.

Cost segregation properly reclassifies your commercial and residential rental building components from real property to personal property, and site improvements, accelerating the depreciation and substantially reducing your tax liabilities.  Extra cash flow from cost segregation can open doors to your next transaction!

Maximize Depreciation Deductions.

Generate Cash Flow.

Complete Asset Management.

It's Your Money– We'll Help You Keep More of It.

  • Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate of what you could save with an M&E Cost Segregation Study. Send us the necessary documentation and request a proposal with our easy online form.
  • In a few business days we will provide you with a proposal showing the estimated benefit and our flat fee to complete the study.
  • If you elect to move forward, we will complete a site visit and complete your project utilizing our specialized asset management approach. This takes about eight weeks.
  • Once the study is complete, we will send you the in-depth report, providing you and your tax professional everything they needed to save you a lot of money on your taxes.

For Maximum Tax Savings Over the Lifetime of Your Commercial Property– We Are Your Asset Management Specialists.

Cost Segregation Studies

Engineering-Based Cost Segregation is the most methodical and accurate IRS method for accelerating building depreciation for commercial and residential rental properties.

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Asset Retirement Studies

Have you replaced any structural components of your building, such as a roof, HVAC equipment, doors, or windows, etc.? If you have, you could substantially benefit from an Asset Retirement Study.

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S179D Certifications

If you have completed construction of a new building or if you have made changes to your property that improve its energy efficiency, your building may qualify for an S179D Certification.

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Find Out How Much You Can Save on Your Taxes

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Audit-Proof Reports

Our experienced cost segregation specialists have worked on almost every conceivable property type all across the United States.

According to the IRS, the engineering approach we use is “the most methodical and accurate.” Because we meet or exceed their recommendations on how to perform our cost segregation studies, we are confident our studies will stand up to any scrutiny.

If an IRS audit is to occur, or if any questions are raised, we will defend our studies at no additional cost.

Tax Professionals

We specialize in working with the top CPAs and tax firms across the country to provide the industry’s best Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Studies. Our industry-leading reports will give you and your clients detailed documentation supporting the asset classifications, including quantity take-offs, unit costing, and photographs. Additionally, our studies include Tenant and/or Building Area reports that allow for the write-off of tenant changes or any/all remodeling projects. 

We also include Asset Disposition Assistance for all assets contained within out final reports at no charge.  We go out of our way to enhance your role as the client’s tax advisor, helping to build lifetime relationships.

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